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As I write this letter, the atmosphere around the school is full of excitement and anticipation!  This is our 6th and final year in the modular units, and it is the last year of Kenova Elementary School.  As an alunmus, I have mixed emotions.  It is extremely enjoyable to see the excitement in the eyes of our students, parents, community, and staff as they actively watch the new school being completed.  The memories I have at Kenova Elementary will always be a part of my soul.  As a student of KES, I remember enjoying math races and playing kickball.  As a teacher, the days at KES were some of my best memories.  I found it so rewarding and challenging to teach special education and I loved taking the students to compete at Special Olympics.  As the principal of Kenova Elementary, I have experienced many challenges over the past 12 years.  More than anything though, it has been an honor to lead KES and witness an entire community coming together for the betterment of our kids.  Kenova Elementary has always been a WONDERful place to learn!  KES is where Little WONDERS begin!

As the summer comes and ends, the students, staff, and parents will embark on a WONDERful new journey into the new Ceredo-Kenova Elementary School.

It has been a tremendous blessing to lead Kenova Elementary School.  I am eager to establish the same culture and academic excellence in the new C-K Elementary School.


Deidre Farley






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