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Core Beliefs

1. That all students must be proficient in reading and mathematics under their own time and ability.

2. We believe that, as teachers, we are responsible to model and teach essential academic and life skills.

3.  We believe that our school should foster an environment that is free from bullying and discrimination and makes a student feel comfortable to share concerns related to any problem that could cause them emotional distress.

4.  We believe that our students should be prepared for the next level of their academic life.

5.  We believe that our students will be successful 21st Century Learners.

6.  We believe that our students should achieve academically, socially, and technologically in order to be productive citizens.

7.  We believe that KES parents and community members should be informed and actively engaged stakeholders.


Strategic Plan

To view our strategic plan, please click on the hyperlink below.

Strategic Plan









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