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  Daily Bell Schedule
7:00 A.M.   Breakfast Begins
  7:30 A.M.   School Begins Wayne County School Bus
  7:35 A.M.   Tardy Bell Rings
10:45 A.M. Lunch PreK, K, First Grade
11:30 A.M. Lunch Second & Third Grades
  12:00 P.M. Lunch Fourth & Fifth Grades
  2:15 P.M.   Dismissal of Bus Students
  2:25 P.M.   Dismissal of Walkers & Walk-Up, Pick-up
  2:25 P.M.   Dismissal of Auto Pick-Up
  2:45 P.M.   Staff Dismissed

     Please follow the above schedule when picking your child up during their lunch time or when school is dismissed.  Starting with the second day of school, all doors will be locked from the outside.  No parent will be allowed in hallways while children are being dismissed.   Parents picking up their students in vehicles need to park in line on 9th Street and down Route 60 and wait until all buses leave before proceeding into the driveway. BUS STUDENTS will line up at their respective dismissal area.
     Most important of all, locking the doors will help insure that no one will be able to walk into our school unannounced and remove one of our children without proper I.D. or permission from the office.  Thank you for your help and cooperation.

The Lot in front of the school is for Staff Parking Only. Please do not park there to drop off or pick up your children.




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